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Health insurance and wellness plan for pets

easy to understand, easy to buy and easy to use

Call us Kanguro, modernizing the insurance experience

How Kanguro Works

Hassle-free digital experience


1. Visit a vet


2. Submit a claim


3. Get paid fast

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We cover these when an accident or illness occurs:

Huge savings on everything

Remember this is ultra-customizable to meet your furry family member's needs, so you can basically

build your own policy and pay for what you need.



Blood tests, urinalysis, x-rays, MRIs, labwork, CT scans, ultrasounds, behavioral exams and more.




Prescription medication, chronic conditions that may develop, hereditary breed-specific conditions that may develop, blood disorders, eye disorders, musculokeletal disorder, respiratory conditions



Prosthetic limbs, devices & mobility aids, cremation, end of life, vet exam fees, surgery & hospitalization, specialty and ER vets, cancer treatment, dental illness and more.


Our preventive & wellness offering

We also cover these to make sure your furry family member is always healthy! Check out our

preventive and wellness plan and provide them with a healthy and long life:


Wellness exam


Routing dental cleaning

Tick medication

Parasite test

Heartworm medication

Heartworm or FELV/FIV test

Flea medication

"Maya loves to travel with us everywhere, especially when there is a place to swim, she loves the water! We are happy that Maya always travels safely being protected by Kanguro!"
Bleidy Romero, Maya's mom

Kanguro covers your vet bills when your cat or dog

is sick, injured, or requires routine care